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Friday - October 30, 2020

‘Songwriters need to fight to get the payment we deserve. We need to get the right credit.’
By Dave Roberts (Music Business Worldwide) -- When Claudia Brant was a little girl living in Argentina, she had a dream: “I wanted to live in America and write songs” … She didn’t want to sing songs (although she does), or be a star (although she is), she wanted to write. She wanted to be, creatively, in the same place as she perceived the US to be commercially – the center of things; the start and heart of things.

First Time Releasing Music? A Guide To Getting It Right
By Justin M. Jacobson (TuneCore) --  Once you’ve sunk the time, money, and energy into preparing your next release, it’s time to actually make it available to the public. Here, we look at a list of useful guidelines to ensure you take the proper legal precautions before dropping your music.

The State of the Music Industry in 2020
By James Shotwell (Haulix) -- Recently, our friends at Toptal did a thorough examination of the music industry from a strictly financial point of view. Their work considers the changing trends in consumption, the spread of COVID-19, and many more factors that inform what is happening day to day throughout the music business. Lucky for us, they’re allowing us to share their insights with you.

Spotify Q3 2020: What Price Growth?
By Mark Mulligan (Music Industry Blog) -- Spotify reported another strong quarter in Q3 2020, with subscriber growth up 27% year-on-year (YoY) and ad-supported user growth up 21%. … However, Spotify’s premium revenue growth continues to trail subscriber increases, which raises the question: what price is growth coming at for rightsholders and creators?

Founder Of TuneCore and Audiam Launches Performing Rights Collection Agency For Comedians
(By BWW News Desk) -- Word Collections is a first of its kind Performing Rights Collection Agency founded by TuneCore and Audiam founder Jeff Price along with eMusic and Royalty Share founder and copyright attorney Bob Kohn. … Word Collections is the ASCAP and BMI for spoken word instead of music. It licenses the legally required Literary Work rights in spoken word comedy for broadcast radio.

[Looks like another organization is claiming to be the first in the spoken rights field.]
No Joke: Music Industry Veterans Turn to Royalty Collections for Comedians, Podcasters
By Claudia Rosenbaum (Billboard) -- Jim King, Ryan Bitzer and Damion Greiman have teamed up to form Spoken Giants, the first royalty administration company for creators of spoken word copyrights — comedians, podcasters, authors of speeches/lectures. The new entity is vowing to be the single, credible, transparent, and scalable collective organization for rights for creators of spoken word compositions.

Now You Can Share SoundCloud Tracks on Snapchat and Facebook
By Ashley King (Digital Music News) -- The new feature makes it possible to share tracks with just three taps from the SoundCloud app. For creators, sharing their music with Snapchat and Facebook Stories is an effortless promotion to fans. … It’s not limited to creators, though – anyone can share SoundCloud tracks to Snapchat and Facebook Stories.

Does Your Social Media Account Fit One Of These 3 Categories?
By Marta Grzegorzak of Soundfly’s Flypaper -- If, as an artist, you’ve been sinking a lot of time and energy into your social media accounts without seeing much in the way of traction, it may be because your account doesn’t fall into one of three specific categories. Here, we look at how you can course correct in order to grow, and better engage with, your online fan base.

Wellness and Self-Care: Tips For Musicians
By Melanie Kealey (Bandzoogle) -- Now more than ever, musicians face unusual circumstances, and more creative people are contained at home. Although the journey towards self-care is an ongoing process, we thought we’d brainstorm and share a few of the things that have been collectively working for us. 

The Pandemic Could Have Hurt Country Music. Instead, the Genre Is Booming
By Andrew R. Chow (Time)

Cellist Zoe Keating Got Defrauded on Facebook — So Why Isn’t Facebook Investigating?
By Dylan Smith (Digital Music News) -- The Artist Rights Alliance (ARA) is calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate Facebook’s alleged failure to stop a livestream scam involving the name and image of cellist Zoe Keating.

Chilling Copyright Stories for Halloween
By Juanita Abii (Copyright Alliance) -- Halloween is here again, and with it comes a fresh set of chilling tales of copyright infringement and gray areas — tales scary enough to make any creator’s hair stand on end! The Copyright Alliance would like to present to you five tales of copyright woes every author should know.

Here Are YouTube's 10 Most-Watched Music Videos
By Rania Aniftos (Billboard) -- Every music fan knows that a great music video requires multiple viewings--but only a few clips make their way into YouTube's exclusive "billion views club. [All of these videos are multiple billionaires.]

Pink Floyd Tried To Make An Album That Ended Up Being Too Trippy Even For Them
By Ryan Sargent (Ranker) -- The biggest and most popular band in the progressive rock world of the 1970s was almost certainly Pink Floyd. … Their star only rose after the release of The Dark Side of the Moon. … (But) The story of the album Wish You Were Here is a bumpy one. Pink Floyd had to start over after months of work resulted in an album too bizarre even for them.

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