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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Internet Archive Uses Pandemic to Justify Looting
By David Newhoff (Illusion of More) -- Looting is the one word that comes to mind in response to last week’s move by the Internet Archive to launch what they call the National Emergency Library. Believing the coronavirus pandemic provides both a moral and legal foundation for its decision, IA suddenly made over one million published works, including contemporary books in print, available to “borrow” worldwide. And not even on a one-reader-at-a-time basis like a library. They just opened the floodgates. 

12 Questions For Boston Public Library President On “National Emergency Library” Endorsement
By Dr. David C Lowery (The Trichordist) -- David Leonard is the President of Boston Public Library.  He and his library have endorsed the Internet Archive’s creation of a so-called “National Emergency Library.” … My take on this is it’s an opportunist attempt by anti-copyright ideologues backed by Silicon Valley firms to exploit the COVID-19 crisis.  It honestly makes me sick to my stomach that Americans would treat their fellow countrymen this way in a crisis. … Here are my questions for David Leonard …

‘We Can’t Allow This Crisis To Bring Down The Future Of Talented People Who Chose A Creative Career.’
By Tim Ingham (Music Business Worldwide) -- In order to get through this interview without making it an entirely depressing exercise, Hartwig Masuch, BMG’s CEO since it re-emerged as an independent entity in 2008, agrees we’re going to have to cast our mind back a few weeks, and pretend we’re still there.

New Podcast Listeners Are Coming From Radio, Not Music
By Bill Rosenblatt (Forbes) -- If the music industry is worried about podcasts eating into music’s share of the American audio diet, new survey data suggests that such worries are unfounded: Podcasts’ share increased at the expense of music a couple of years ago but has held steady ever since. Instead, the rising number of podcast listeners are coming from AM/FM radio. [Not so sure this is good news for songwriters.DK]

Netflix Pledges $100 Million to Film and Television Crew Members, Indirectly Benefiting Music Licensors
By Dylan Smith (Digital Music News)

How Musicians Use Fashion Style As A Tool 
By Sam Bowman (Music Think Tank) -- Music and fashion have always gone hand-in-hand. You can’t think about Michael Jackson without picturing his famous sequined white glove or Madonna without her cone bra. No one can imagine KISS without their signature face paint and black and silver jumpsuits. The fashion choices of musicians can quickly become a part of their permanent look and their brand. Some of them have become tools to tell audiences exactly who that musician is, the kind of music they play, and what they can come to expect. 

People Are Discovering 8D Music for The First Time And It's Blowing Their Minds
By Stewart Perrie (ladbible) -- Now that a lot of people are in self-isolation, you're probably missing going out to a bar, a club or listening to live music. Having music blast over the speakers in every direction or sit quietly in the background while you finish a couple of pints seems like a world away now. But there is a type of music that can pretty much replicate this sensation.  There is a song doing the rounds on social media that you have to listen to with headphones otherwise it doesn't 'work'.

As Life Moves Online, an Older Generation Faces A Digital Divide
By Kate Conger and Erin Griffith (The New York Times)

[One of the greatest voices in pop music.]
Art Garfunkel Feared Voice Was Too 'Feminine'
By Celebretainment -- The 78-year-old singer may have entered his sixth decade in the music business but he has always been concerned that his vocals are "too damn sensitive" and not particularly "manly".

Woman Owned Labels You Should Know About
By Randi Zimmerman (Symphonic Blog) -- In an industry with plenty of gender issues, it’s good to take a moment and recognize a few of the badass women who’re running some of the best independent labels out there.

[Hat’s off to a nicely done presentation, sans glitter, overwrought staging and auto tuning. And, Sir Elton was the perfect interlocutor.]
‘Living Room Concert’ Offers Unique Glimpse Into Stars' Homes, Lives During Self-Isolation
By Brian Flood (Fox News) -- Elton John and some of his most famous friends are stuck at home, just like the rest of America during the coronavirus pandemic – which allowed the “Fox Presents the iHeart Living Room Concert for America” to provide some entertainment and raise money for first responders on Sunday night, while offering a unique glimpse into the lives of celebrities.

30 of the Best Music Videos of All Time
By Becky Scarrott (What Hi Fi) -- Not the longest, not the most expensive... the best.

(Video) Talented 12-Year-Old Italian Twins Play Coldplay Violin Duet In Quarantine
By Helena Asprou (Classical FM) -- When in lockdown, these musical twins love nothing better than doubling up for a vivacious violin duet.

Joe Diffie Passed Away At Age 61 From Complications Of COVID-19
By Markos Papadatos (Digital Journal) -- A Grammy award-winning country artist, Joe Diffie was one of the most successful country singer-songwriters of the '90s era.    

Video: San Francisco Shut Down
By Dan Denegre (Space Race Studio) – This drone tour of San Francisco under quarantine is surreal. Shot on March 22, 2020 (Thanks to Twisted Sifter for the link.)

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