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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Copyright Alliance Applauds House Passage of the CASE Act
The Copyright Alliance applauded this evening’s passage of the CASE Act (H.R. 2426) by the House of Representatives, by a vote of 410-6. [Now on to the Senate]

The CASE Act: Your Questions Answered
(The Authors Guild) -- Extremely few authors or other creators have the ability to enforce their copyrights. Federal civil litigation is the only means of doing so under the current law and it is far too expensive—at least $400,000 or so, which is much greater than the value of most writers’ copyright claims and well beyond the means of most authors, for whom copyright is a right without a remedy. Hence the need for a small copyright claims court.

New Fees Proposed for U.S. Copyright Office Services
By Karyn A. Temple, Register of Copyrights -- Let’s talk about fees. Not everyone’s favorite topic, I’ll admit, but it’s something the Copyright Office could not operate without.

Changing the Way the Music Industry Interacts with Data: Q&A with Entertainment Intelligence Founder Greg Delaney
By Emma Griffiths (Synchtank)

The Meaninglessness of Music Charts
By Prospero (The Economist) -- With each streaming platform crowning a different champion each week, it has become impossible to tell which artists are truly popular.

Publishing Catch-Up
By Emma Griffiths (Synchtank) – Round up of recent music publishing news.

PledgeMusic Owes $7.4M Leaving 'Little Prospect' That Artists Will Be Paid says UK Court
By Bruce Houghton (HypeBot) -- … the company operated under the premise that the money that fans were paying to artists via PledgeMusic to help them crowdfund recordings and other projects, was legally the company's to spend.

Are Concerts About To Become More Immersive?
By Omar Mehtab (BBC) -- Elton John app lets concert audiences mix his music.

What Truly Makes a Fan
(HypeBot) -- In this piece, Fred Jacobs compares radio and sports fans, highlighting the value of cultivating long-term enthusiasts, and the limits of numbers and data in defining passion.

‘Golden Age of TV’ Gives Boost to Music Industry
By Haroon Siddique (The Guardian) -- At a time when many critics believe we are living through a golden age of TV, it seems no new drama with aspirations to credibility is complete without a soundtrack to match.

Upcycled Instrument Tied To Auspicious Accelerator
By Admim (Internet Shots) -- In Could 2019, a Berlin-based, classically-trained symphony composer with a passion for changing outdated scientific gear into musical devices has given new life to an amplifier used inside a traditionally vital particle accelerator … (and) introduced a thriller:

What Does Cannabis Sound Like? ‘Sticky Situation’ Extracts Music From the Plant
By Karen Bliss (Variety)

Changing the Tune on Tortured Artists and Musicians’ Mental Health
By (Sky Statement) -- The tortured songwriter. What’s bad for your heart is good for your art. Depression, anxiety and addiction have long been considered part of the unpredictable lives of working musicians, especially those on the road. But a younger generation is trying to change that tune.

The Lines of Code That Changed Everything
(Slate) -- Apollo 11, the JPEG, the first pop-up ad, and 33 other bits of software that have transformed our world.

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