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Thursday - January 21, 2021

[Since the MLC came on line all I’m hearing is, “Say, what?”  This article provides a good foundation as a start to untangling some of the confusion.]
The MLC License Availability Date Was January 1: What This Means
By Keith Kupferschmid and Kevin Madigan (Copyright Alliance)

Job opportunity:
The MLC – Royalty Finance Analyst (US)

How Should the Music Streaming Revenue Pie Be Split?
By David Israelite - President/CEO NMPA (Music Business Worldwide) -- Beware of op-eds that seem encouraging but actually serve to misinform, blame and divide the music industry. Deep within a recent piece about how streaming is sustaining the music business, written by the head of a trade association representing the biggest tech companies in the world, was a breakdown bemoaning the fees that streaming platforms must pay for the music that makes their services possible. To fully grasp their perspective, one must first understand how the math really works.

Audius Has Raised Nearly $10m for Its Spotify Rival. Can Its Blockchain-Based Model Change The Game for Artist Payments?
By Rhian Jones (Music Business Worldwide)

Spotify Stock (SPOT) Dips as Citi Tells Investors to ‘Sell’
By Dylan Smith (Digital Music News)

Music Companies Among Those Backing Away From Republicans Who Voted Against Election Certification
By Rob Levine (Billboard) -- Although the music business lobbies for its interests in Washington, its political influence is dwarfed by that of other industries -- especially the online platforms that oppose it on copyright issues.  [It might be useful to remember how Republicans helped carry the water on so many issues related to the music industry. DK]

RIAA: Not Even Improper YouTube ‘Rolling Cipher’ Complaints Can Be Countered
By Andy Maxwell (Torrent Freak) -- In response to a lawsuit filed by YouTube-ripping service Yout, the RIAA is doubling down on its assertion that YouTube's rolling cipher is indeed an "effective technological measure" under the DMCA. The music industry group also states that seeking remedy for improper takedown notices under the DMCA is not possible since the relevant law does not penalize anti-circumvention complaints.

Kanye West Is Suing His Former Intern for $500,000
By Dylan Smith (Digital Music News)

The ‘F’ Word: How Success Is Built On Failure [Video]
By James Shotwell (Haulix Daily)

The Promise of a New Year: How to Stay Focused in 2021
By Erica D’Aurora (FlyPaper) [Thank to Etan Rosenbloom for the link.]

You Have a TikTok Hit. Now What?
By Charles Holmes and Justin Sayles (The Ringer) -- Charles and Justin chat with musicians and marketers about the TikTok star-making phenomenon

Meet With
By Abbie Ashford ( -- gives businesses invaluable insight into the data that matters most to their customers and their bottom line … From tracking the success of social media channels to analyzing pay-per-click advertising, website stats, newsletter interactions and even competitor-weighted PR tracking … all in one made-to-measure digital dashboard. … “We feel that we can offer real value to anyone involved in the industry, whether that is manufacturers and distributors trying to understand their data, or performers looking for the best way to connect with their audience.”

[This is NOT another Covid19 warning.]
Mask Up
By Simon Reynolds (Tidal) -- Inside pop and rock history’s obsession with disguise. 

“I needed a job—I could have been an insurance salesman.” - Mo Ostin.
How Mo Ostin Turned a Faltering Record Label into the Powerhouse of Rock
By Peter Ames Carlin (L.A. Magazine) -- In the late ’60s, the beloved Warner/Reprise exec signed culture-bending artists from Jimi Hendrix to Fleetwood Mac. His secret? Stop trying to make hit records.

(VIDEO) 3 Classical Themes You Should NEVER Play In Ragtime!!
By Jonny May (YouTube)

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