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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Songwriters of North America Argues for Industry Coalition to Form the MLC
By Billboard Staff (Billboard) -- The Songwriters of North America (SONA) has submitted a letter to the Copyright Office arguing why its industry consensus coalition, which also includes the National Music Publishers' Association and the Nashville Songwriters Association International, should be chosen to form the mechanical licensing collective (MLC) created by the Music Modernization Act. … The industry consensus group is one of two entities to put in applications to the U.S. Copyright Office to build the MLC, with the other group being the American Mechanical Licensing Collective (AMLC) … The SONA letter specifically addresses one of the AMLC's main arguments against the industry coalition's bid, centering around "black box" money -- royalties for songs played where the recording couldn't be correctly identified and matched to publishers.

Happy 219th Birthday Library Congress!
By Carla Hayden - Librarian of Congress -- It’s one of Congress’ greatest gifts to the nation. It’s a Library for YOU.

Required Viewing: Carole Cadwalladr on Facebook, Brexit, and the Destruction of Democracy
By David Newhoff (Illusion of More) -- Remember when it was considered axiomatic to call the internet the greatest gift to democracy in history? Not so much …

Think Twice Before Buying These 2 Recent IPOs
By Timothy Green (Motley Fool) - It may not seem like valuation matters in the age of unicorns, but it absolutely does matter in the long run. Two recent initial public offerings with valuations that look particularly out of sync with reality are music streamer Spotify Technology (NYSE:SPOT) and video-conferencing upstart Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:ZM). Here's why you should avoid both.

Could A Computer Ever Create Better Art Than A Human?
By Eleanor Lawrie (BBC) -- Last year a portrait of Edmond Belamy sold for $432,000. A bit steep, you might think, for a picture of someone you've never heard of. And you won't have heard of the artist either, as the picture was created by an algorithm drawing on a data set of 15,000 portraits painted between the 14th and 20th Centuries. … The sale … raises many important questions. Can a computer, devoid of human emotion, ever be truly creative? Is this portrait really art? Does any of that matter if people are prepared to pay for it?

The Future of AI in the Music Business
By Michaela "Mickey" Shiloh (entrepreneur) -- There is no question that the jobs of songwriters, producers, engineers, and artists will be augmented as AI continues to integrate itself inside music's creative sphere. … For the industry as a whole, AI tools hold out the promise of more efficient, more productive, creative and more streamlined operations, and better-informed decision making. As more labels sign AI software to their roster, the industry will continue to evolve, soon become a collaborative environment where man and machine work together to make the next set of great hits.

Here's How Sony Makes Its Money
By Ashraf Eassa  (Motley Fool) -- Everyone knows Sony, but do you know where its revenue and profit come from?

Sonic Boom: Why More Brands Are Composing Musical Branding Strategies
By Laura Klepacki (Marketingdive) -- As podcast engagement grows and home smart speakers become commonplace, more brands are considering musical themes and sound logos as a fresh way to be recognized in an audio world. …Think of NBC’s three-note chime.

All Ears: Listening For The Meaning Between The Words
By Ruth Saxelby (NPR) -- The potency of "It's Not Right But It's Okay," Whitney Houston's triumphant 1999 call out single, hangs from a tiny ad lib she deploys with surgical efficiency.

These 3 Music Streaming Services Offer Emerging Artists Programs
By Bobby Owsinski (Music 3.0)

What Touring Looks Like for Unestablished Bands
By Patrick McGuire (SonicBids) – Pure hell … but, you just might have the time of your life.

How to Eliminate the Obstacles Hindering Your Success
By D. Grant Smith (FlyPaper)

The 50 Best-Selling Albums Of All Time
(Business Insider)

VIDEO: What Artists and Music Professionals Can Learn From Beyoncé’s Homecoming Special
By James Shotwell (Haulix) -- Beyoncé is a once in a generation talent, but there is something artists and professionals at every level of music can learn from her latest documentary.  James Shotwell breaks down three lessons artists from all walks of life can learn from the artist and her film, as well as how music professionals can improve their skills …

14 Years Ago, on April 23rd, the First Video Ever Was Uploaded to YouTube
Twisted Sifter

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