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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Off to ASCAP Board Meetings … Back Monday…

Who Really Owns Spotify?
By Tim Ingham (Rolling Stone) -- According to a flurry of new SEC filings, financial giants now claim big chunks of the streaming service.

Testament Frontman — “Spotify is Making Billions Out of Our Music”
By Ashley King (Digital Music News) -- Testament frontman Chuck Billy recently shared some depressing thoughts on  Spotify and music streaming in general.

The Netflix and Spotify Tax: States Are Making Streaming Services More Expensive
By Greg Iacurci (CNBC)

Music-Streaming Services Are Losing Their Brand Identity. Here's the Visual Evidence
By Cherie Hu (Water & Music) -- Has anyone noticed recently that all music-streaming services are starting to look and feel the same? Two pieces of evidence this week hit the nail on the head for me.

The Songs You’re Hearing All over TikTok In 2020
By Kathryn Lindsay (refinery29) -- TikTok is proof that it only takes 15 seconds for a song to get stuck in your head, and now that the app has gone from a Gen-Z secret to something pretty much everyone scrolls before bed, our brains are like a cursed jukebox. … You rarely hear anything from the Top 40. Instead, TikTok is a world in which lesser-known artists are no longer subject to the whims of radio and streaming. … The buildable, amorphous nature of the TikTok's culture mean some of these songs have already lived a number of lives on the app, but as far as 2020 is concerned, these are the songs that keep popping up on the For You page.

Google v. Oracle III – Popularity Does Not Overturn Copyright
By David Newhoff (Illusion of More)

Could Your Favorite Song Become A Movie Or Podcast?
By Fred Jacobs (HypeBot) --  Media In a media environment where remakes, reboots, and other derivative content seem to dominate, the inspiration for films and series has become increasingly specific, in some cases narrowing their focus from a biopic to a single song.

Inside the Strange, Insular World of Cheerleading Music
By Duncan Cooper (Vice) -- To soundtrack one of American's most dangerous sports, artists and former athletes are creating bangers that make 'Jock Jams' sound sleepy.

[Story is UK centric, but, I suspect, globally applicable.]
Magic Moments: The Indestructible Appeal of Easy Listening Radio – Podcast
By Simon Akam (The Guardian) -- In the age of streaming and limitless choice, Magic Radio pulls in millions of listeners. What is it that keeps people coming back?

The World's Best Yacht-Rock Cover Band Is Having a Moment
By Kirk Miller (InsideHook) -- Yacht Rock Revue is a polyester-clad tour de force built on the legacy of Toto and Lionel Richie

Podcast Music Licensing: 4 Things You Need to Know
By Deborah Mannis-Gardner (Rain) -- Last year, we saw a big uptick in interest around podcasts … for the first time ever, over half of the U.S. population has listened to at least one podcast, a huge milestone. … This sets the stage for a potential tipping point toward the mainstream in 2020, which means the production and advertiser interest around this digital storytelling medium is also growing. Along with that comes increased interest in using music to brand these podcasts and drive the script.  However, music licensing for podcasts is still in its infancy, meaning the process is somewhat ill-defined and can be difficult to navigate for an independent podcaster doing everything on their own. Here are four things I’ve learned so far that should be helpful for anyone looking to properly license music for their podcast projects.

7 Cities To Hit On Your Spring Tour
By Angela Mastrogiacomo (SonicBids) -- As soon as the birds start chirping and the sun starts peeking out from the clouds you know that it’s just about time to load up the van and hit the road in pursuit of your next big tour. But, where do you start?

Publishing Catch-Up
By Emma Griffiths (Synchtank) -- We catch up on this week’s music publishing news, from key deals and signings to new hires, legislation and more.

You Never Knew What These Misunderstood Songs Were Really About
By Brian Delpozo (

Savin’ the best for last…
Paul Williams to Receive Johnny Mercer Award, Songwriters Hall of Fame’s Highest Honor

By Jem Aswad (Variety) – To a good friend, a great leader and a legendary songwriter … a very heart felt CONGRATULATIONS.  Dean.  [One of my favorite Paul Williams lyrics: You and Me Against the World. Music by Kenny Ascher.]

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