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Thursday - May 06, 2021

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The MLC Update
The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) presents a sit down with Kris Ahrend, CEO of The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC), who will provide a recap of The MLC’s recent inaugural royalty distributions to Members and discuss what’s on the horizon for the organization, including an update on how The MLC is handling historical unmatched data and royalties.

Shuttered Venue Grant Applications Are Finally Up and Running
By Taylor Mims (Billboard) -- After months of waiting and weeks of delays, more than 17,000 independent venues and other business owners have started the application process since Monday's portal relaunch.

CLELAND: Why Repeal Not Reform Section 230?
By Scott Cleland (Daily Caller Op-ed) -- Repeal of Section 230’s 1996 lawless Wild West Internet policy is inevitable because it is based on an immoral premise and has inflicted severe damage to America’s constitutional liberties, national security and economic prosperity.

Spotify Urged To Rule Out 'Invasive' Voice Recognition Tech
By Umberto Bacchi -- (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A coalition of musicians and human rights groups urged music streaming company Spotify on Tuesday to rule out possible use of a speech recognition tool it recently developed to suggest songs - describing the technology as “creepy” and “invasive”

Court Slams Allarco ‘Pirate Device’ Lawsuit, Refuses to Ban Sales at Staples & Best Buy
By Andy Maxwell (TorrentFreak) -- Super Channel operator Allarco claimed that major retailers including Staples and Best Buy are selling and encouraging the use of "piracy devices" that undermine its business. However, the company's application for an injunction banning sales has now been denied, with the judge slamming Allarco's application and investigative actions from every conceivable angle.

The Revolution Will Be Digitized: How RAC Is Using NFTs to Empower Artists
By Tatiana Cirisano (Billboard) -- With his new NFT agency, the Grammy-winning producer aims to use the buzzy new art form to "challenge this notion that music is worth 0.000-whatever cents."

10 Ideas For Behind-The-Scenes Livestreams
By Leonard Patterson (Music Think Tank) -- It’s no secret that livestreaming has gone mainstream. Some of the biggest names in every industry have developed new technologies, changed their focus, and created new opportunities along the way.

Travis Scott Doesn’t Like ‘Branding’ or ‘Marketing,’ but He’s So Damn Good at Both
By Shannon Miller (AdWeek)

Britney Spears Calls the New York Times and BBC ‘So Hypocritical’
By Ashley King (Digital Music News) -- Britney Spears has taken to Instagram to speak out against two documentaries about her life — one created by the BBC, and the other by the New York Times.

Young Investors Flock to Discord and Telegram for Financial Advice
By Dieter Holger (Wall Street Journal) -- Add live chat rooms to the list of places where young investors are paying for stock tips. … Popular trading apps and social-media platforms including Reddit, TikTok and YouTube have helped to create a wave of amateur traders online. Now apps that host live chat rooms dedicated to investment topics (like Discord and Telegram) are attracting large audiences, too.

6 MAY In Music History
(Music History Calendar)

Lush Life
By Elias Rodriques (Baffler) -- Thulani Davis’s poetry conjures a lost era of jazz. … Nothing but the Music, which collects verse written between 1974 and 1992, reasserts Davis’s centrality to the Black Arts and Black Feminist movements. Though the book covers a wide range of topics, all the poems engage with music: listening to it, composing it, being transformed by it.

‘Anything Could Happen’: Inside The World’s First Virtual Reality Opera
By Stuart Jeffries (The Guardian) -- Current, Rising at the Royal Opera House, London, takes its audience on a dizzying journey through strange realms. Could this be the future?

7 Nostalgic Texas Hotels with Vinyl Record Collections
By Cynthia J. Drake (TexasMonthly) -- With in-room record players, album lending libraries, and, in one case, a vinyl concierge, hotels around the state are embracing the record renaissance.

The Song That Sold America to a Generation of Asian Immigrants
By Jason Jeong (The Atlantic)

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