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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Welcome to ASCAP Experience: Home Edition
ASCAP proudly introduces a weekly series of virtual programming designed to inspire, educate and connect music makers everywhere. Programming is open to all music creators, aspiring songwriters, students and music industry professionals, regardless of which performing rights organization you belong to. Programming kicks off on May 28. Register now for free access!

The Music Industry’s Next Five Growth Drivers
By Mark Mulligan (Music industry Blog) – With streaming growth slowing and creators feeling short changed, it is time to think about what plan B is, for the sakes of both the industry and the creator community.

Quarantine Has Transformed Not-TV into Essential TV
By Jason Parham (Wired) -- Covid-19 lockdown has readjusted our appetite for entertainment—and changed our relationship to television entirely.

Working Through the Pandemic: Three Prominent Music Supervisors Discuss the Music Industry’s Way Forward
By Dylan Smith (Digital Music News) -- Between the postponement of most every crowd-based concert and the temporary closure of virtually all recording studios, as well as seemingly everything else, the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis’ impact on the music industry has been unprecedented, to say the least. So how are three of the top music supervisors in the industry making things work?

Virtual Music Events Directory
By Cherie Hu -- This living document contains three main sections: 1. An introductory foreword discussing how the music-industry mindset around livestreaming is slowly shifting.  2. A list of tools that artists and speakers can use to host virtual shows, panels and meetups. 3. A list of public livestreaming and virtual-event calendars, many of which are open to submissions. My goal is to build a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for anyone seeking guidance on how to stage alternative music events in this moment of significant upheaval for the industry.

Famed Studios’ Sound Legacy
By Zoe Mutter (AV Magazine) -- The legendary Abbey Road Studios has an impressive track record for remaining at the forefront of audio industry developments. Zoe Mutter met the team working at the heart of the iconic recording and mixing powerhouse to find out how the innovations developed by and used inside the studios continue to evolve with the sonic landscape.

Super Hi-Fi Is Reshaping the Sound Of Streaming With AI
By Josh Mandell (Forbes) -- On many digital music services, transitions between songs can vacillate between two unpleasant extremes: ear-splitting ads, and seconds of sterile silence. Some of the world’s best-known media and entertainment brands are calling on Super Hi-Fi, a Los Angeles-based artificial intelligence company, to solve this problem.

Mind-Melting AI Makes Frank Sinatra Sing “Toxic” by Britney Spears
By Dan Robitzski (Futurism) -- We gave these AI music experts an unusual request — and what they delivered will blow your mind. [Actually, not mind blowing at all … In fact, pretty awful. However, it does give a hint as to where things might be going. DK]

How to Work With Agents and Promoters In a Live Streaming World
By Melissa Garcia (HypeBot) -- Musicians and the entire music industry are scrambling to understand the wild wild west of live streaming. As each finds their own path forward, it’s important that they include all of the key players that drive live music.

The Finances Behind A Physical Distribution Deal
By Randi Zimmerman (HypeBot) -- Despite streaming’s popularity, physical distribution remains a major part of development for artists and labels. Here we look at some of the financial details surrounding a physical distribution deal that you should keep in mind before committing.

How to Read Guitar Tabs?
By Teemu Suomala (Music Think Tank) -- Wanna make learning your favorite songs easier? Tabs will help you do just that!

9 Great Album Covers, Chosen by Gregory Sylvester
By Gregory Sylvester (Muse by Clio) -- From Cocteau Twins to Metallica to Johnny Cash … Gregory Sylvester is a Los Angeles-based creative director. He's created Grammy Award-winning music packages and marketing campaigns for leading lifestyle and corporate brands.

[Eminem was no Pat Boone.]
How Eminem Conquered Black Music (and White Privilege) With ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’
By Bonsu Thompson (M Level) -- Looking back on the racial politics of a certified hip-hop classic, 20 years later.

Why Does Sad Music Make You Happy?
By Lauren McCarthy (Nylon)

[For absolutely no reason at all, my favorite medley of all time.]
Moonglow / Theme From Picnic
“Moonglow” by Will Hudson, Irving Mills and Eddie DeLange
“Theme for Picnic” by George Duning

Artist: Morris Stoloff

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