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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The U.S. Government Backs Led Zeppelin In Its ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Copyright Infringement Case
By Marsha Silva (Digital Music News) -- More than 120 artists and industry organizations have lent their support to Led Zeppelin in the ongoing copyright infringement case over ‘Stairway to Heaven’.  Now, Zeppelin’s got another unexpected ally.

Take Five (The Big Five Stories and Data You Need To Know)
By Mark Mulligan (Music Industry Blog)

Cloudflare Goes Public, Warns of Threats Posed by Copyright Infringing Users
By Andy Malt (CMU) -- Internet services company Cloudflare filed to go public last week. Within the necessary papers required before its IPO, the company warned potential investors that being drawn into copyright infringement lawsuits was a significant threat to its future.

Amazon Responds to Counterfeit CD Allegations
By Paul Resnikoff (Digital Music News) -- Here’s Amazon’s full statement.

Sing On, Vocal Deepfakes
By Vanessa Chang (Slate) -- A.I.-generated sound-alikes hold promise (?) for music and beyond.  Now vocal deepfakes—like deepfake videos and photos—are thus poised to intensify an already alarming crisis around evidence, trust, and authenticity. Certainly, it’s worrying that vocal avatars could be deployed in the manner that deepfake video and photos have been.

Ed Harcourt on Establishing and Maintaining a Career as a Songwriter
By Andy Price (MusicTech) -- With a multi-faceted career as journeyman songwriter, composer, producer, live performer and highly regarded Mercury Music Prize-nominated artist in his own right, the prolific Ed Harcourt’s perspective on the music-industry landscape of the 21st century is invaluable.

How To Build Your Own Artist Development Team: The Music Publisher
By Camille Barboni (HpyeBot) -- In this piece we explore the role of the music publisher, looking at the services they perform as well the relationship between the publisher and the other members of your artist development team.

71 Great Ways Of Rewarding Your Music Fan Subscribers
By Dave Cool (Htpebot) -- Once an artist has started selling fan subscriptions, it's important to establish a rewards system which consistently gives back and keeps them engaged enough to stay subscribed.

With Music Coming To Podcasts, Radio Gets In Tune
(Inside Radio) -- The door is cracking open to music use in podcasts and that could open up new on-demand opportunities for radio stations. This is according to executives behind, the just-announced licensing clearinghouse that will begin allowing podcasters to legally put songs in their shows starting next year.

Game Over? Not Yet…
By Kenny McAlpine (Pursuit) -- Old technologies like gaming consoles are being reimagined and reinvigorated by creative musicians, harking back to the lateral thinking that gave us the Game Boy

New Map Shows Locations For All The Movies, TV Shows And Music Videos Filmed In Miami Beach
By Johnny Diaz (South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Music Industry Job Board (August 19, 2019)
By James Shotwell (Haulix Daily)

Top 20 Keyboard Intros of All Time
By Rick Beato (YouTube)

How Peter Fonda’s LSD Trip With The Beatles Produced A Classic John Lennon Lyric
By Randy Lewis (Los Angeles Times)

[Couldn’t help running this again.  Adorable. If this doesn’t make you smile, check to see if you still have a pulse.]
Fly Me To The Moon

5 year old Sophie Fatu -- [Song written by Bart Howard]

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