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Friday, December 06, 2019

[Gotta hand it to Forbes for the beauty of this layout. Striking.]
30 Under 30 2020: Music - Forbes
By Zack O'Malley Greenburg and Alexandra Sternlicht (Forbes) -- Topping charts and shifting culture.

Music Subscriber Market Shares H1 2019
By Mark Mulligan (Music Industry Blog) -- The global streaming market continues to grow at pace. … At the end of June 2019 there were 304.9 million music subscribers globally. That was up 34 million on the end of 2018. … 2019 was a year of growth and consolidation, with the global picture dominated by the big four players …

A Correct History of Music Streaming
By David Turner (Penny Fractions)

An Infographic Guide To Music Licensing
By Bobby Owsinski (Music 3.0) -- Music licensing can be a confusing morass of legal slings and arrows that most artists and songwriters can’t quite get their arms around. It’s not rocket science, but it’s not easy to navigate either. The following infographic from attorney Joy Butler does a great job at simplifying the process as much as possible.

Copyright vs. Trademark: “Can I Copyright My Band Name?”
By Jodi Esposito (Copyright Alliance) -- Pop Quiz! What do Taylor Swift and Kanye West have in common

Spotify: The Top Songs, Artists, Playlists, and Podcasts of 2019—and the Last Decade

How Chartmetrics Used Data To Predict The Winners of the CMAs
By Rutger Ansley Rosenborg (Chartmetrics) -- Through a combination of social and streaming data, Chartmetric cast some educated guesses on who would come out on top at this year’s Country Music Awards – guesses which proved to be mostly correct.

ASCAP Debuts VERSED Podcast
By Bruce Houghton (HypeBot) -- VERSED: The ASCAP podcast debuts today. It seems as everyone is launching a podcast, but this one might actually be of use, particularly to songwriters, composers and music publishers. VERSED will feature interviews with music creators from all music genres about the struggles, hard work, breakthroughs and triumphs of the creative life.

The Importance of Aesthetics In Music Production
(iMusician) -- What's the role of aesthetics in music production? Here are a few aspects you should take into consideration while producing your hit.

[Eye opening and fun]
Video: How an Opera Gets Made
By Estelle Caswell (Vox) -- Backstage at the Metropolitan Opera. 

Photoshop Wiz Poses Celebs Hanging With Their Younger Selves
By Ard Gelinck (Twisted Sifter)

This Year’s Hottest Toys: Bringing Back the Classics, Teaching Tech, Exploring Emotions
By Steve Sbraccia (WNCN)

I’ve Been In Finance For 30 Years. Here Are The Biggest End-Of-Year Money Mistakes I See People Making
By Jim Brown (Make It) -- After more than 30 years of working in finance (as an auditor, investor, tax preparer and consultant), .... I’ve seen people leave hundreds — often thousands — of dollars on the table because they missed out on tax savings, credit card bonuses and several other opportunities.

BEWARE: The Annual Industry Slowdown is Coming [VIDEO]
By James Shotwell (Haulix Daily) -- December is a strange time for music professionals…

50 Songs for a New L.A.
By Randall Roberts (L.A. Times) -- Some of Los Angeles’ selling points need to be reset. The idea of endless summers has shifted in the age of climate change. “It Never Rains in Southern California” has morphed into Bad Religion’s “Los Angeles Is Burning.” The carefree allure of rolling down the Ventura Freeway used to be a cool thing to sing about. Now the drive is mostly a bumper-to-bumper slog.

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