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Friday - March 05, 2021

The Music Business In 2021: Joining The Dots
By Mark Mulligan (Music Industry Blog) -- It has been one of those weeks, with impactful music business announcements coming thick and fast. As is often the case, a succession of apparently unrelated events actually have a connecting thread. … This is how the events of the last week or so are both interconnected and interdependent:

Are NFTs The Future Of Digital Music Or Just Crypto Snobbery?
By Arielle Gordon (Sterogum)

The Rise of the Digital Music Distributor
By David Turner (Penny Fractions) -- A couple of years ago in Billboard, Cherie Hu posed the question: ‘Everyone Wants to Be a Music Distributor – But Is That Actually a Good Business Decision?’. She identified a number of music distributors (STEM, CDBaby, DistroKid, Ingrooves) and saw money entering into these companies but there was a lingering question about the sustainability of the business. My interest is far less in the viability of these businesses but I wanted to step back and understand what function they serve within music’s larger political economy

Movie Companies Sue VPN Provider for ‘Encouraging’ and ‘Facilitating’ Piracy (Updated)
By Ernesto Van der Sar (TorrentFreak) -- The makers of popular films including "Hunter Killer," "Automata," and “I Feel Pretty,” accuse LiquidVPN's former and current owner of promoting and facilitating piracy. In addition to damages, the companies want the defendants, who are linked to a hosting company, to close common BitTorrent ports, terminate repeat infringers, and block several pirate websites.

How Pandora Won Its Royalty Battle but Lost the War to Spotify
By Tyler Hayes (Vice) -- Pandora found a brilliant loophole to win its fight with the recording industry, but it tied the company's future into a knot.

Radio Is On Road to Recovery but Needs More Help From Podcasts
By Glenn Peoples (Billboard)

Why Did Jack Dorsey Buy Jay-Z’s Failed Music Service?
By Peter Kafka (Vox) -- Here is the question you, a normal person, may have about this deal: WTF?

David Crosby Sells Legendary Catalog to Irving Azoff's Iconic Artists Group
By Tatiana Cirisano  (Billboard) -- Irving Azoff's newly-launched venture Iconic Artists Group has partnered with David Crosby on a wide-ranging deal to monetize the California singer-songwriter's life work in the digital era, the two parties announced today (March 3).

6 Big Tips For More TikTok Engagement For Your Music Brand
By Bobby Owsinski (Music 3.0) -- If you haven’t noticed, TikTok is a huge driver of music these days, with almost a billion users that spend over 85 minutes a day on the platform. … But it doesn’t work the way other social networks do, so you have to use a different strategy to make your posts work on the platform. Follow these Big 6 Tips to maximize your engagement there.

Eminem Is Getting Canceled on TikTok Over Past Lyrical Content
By Ashley King (Digital Music News)

4 Must-Haves When You're Trying to Improve Your Garage Band
By Anica Oaks (Music Think Tank) -- Taking a garage band from its first rehearsals to successful live performances is a process that takes lots of time and effort. In addition to sheer sweat, though, it also helps to have the right equipment on hand. Here are four must-have items that will help you take your garage band to the next level.

'It Has Been Difficult': Classical Musicians On Their Covid Delivery Jobs
By Kevin Rawlinson and Rhi Storer (The Guardian) -- Venue closures hit freelance performers hard. Here, three musicians tell us about the work they turned to in order to survive. [Thanks to Michael Spudic for the link.]

Everything you Need to Stream Music in Surround Sound
By Brandt Ranj (Rolling Stone)

Billie Holiday Deserves Better
By Soraya Nadia McDonald (The Undefeated) -- Men continually failed Billie Holiday when she was alive. They’re still doing it.

20 Instruments In 1
Brunettes Shoot Blondes refurbished a broken vintage grand piano and added other instruments to create this one of a kind musical instrument.

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