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Friday, January 17, 2020

[It’s no longer about the music … It’s about the Benjamins!]
Listen to Taylor Swift’s Music Business Advice
By David Turner (Penny Fractions) -- What’s happened to Taylor Swift isn’t a petty squabble between her and Scooter Braun but a preview of the increasingly financialized state of the music industry in the 2020s. … If your company (or songs are) suddenly swooped up by a private equity firm, don’t say Taylor didn’t warn you about the trouble!

Operator of Popcorn Time Info Site is Liable for Piracy, Supreme Court Rules
By Ernesto (Torrent Freak) -- The Danish Supreme Court has upheld a conditional prison sentence against the operator of a website that provided information on the piracy app Popcorn Time. The site itself didn't host the infringing software, but the detailed instructions it provided were enough to warrant criminal liability for copyright infringements of the site's users.

Artist ZoŽ Keating Says Apple Music Pays Her 4 Times What Spotify Does Per Stream, and It Shows How Wildly Royalty Payments Can Vary Between Services
By Alyssa Meyers (Business Insider) – [Thanks to Earl Rose for the link.]

Radio Still Generates More Revenue Than Spotify and Twitter Combined
By Bruce Houghton (HypeBot)

Here's Why Big Tech Is Fighting a 'Losing Battle' On Deepfake Videos
By Akiko Fujita (Yahoo Finance) -- Major tech companies are scrambling to tackle “deepfakes” — audio and video content manipulated by artificial intelligence (AI).  Deepfake content has proliferated at a rapid rate, as online tutorials and forums increasingly democratize AI tools once reserved for tech’s elite users. The total number of manipulated content nearly doubled in 2019.

TikTok Is The World's Fastest-Growing – and Goofiest – Digital Platform, But Should We Fear It?
By Robert Jackman (The Spectator) -- The Chinese video app, which has more users than Snapchat and Twitter combined, is underpinned by some of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) in the world.

iHeartRadio Just Replaced Hundreds of Human Workers With ‘Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI)’
By Paul Resnikoff (Digital Music News) -- Yesterday, we first reported on iHeartMedia’s mass layoff of employees nationwide.  Now, the company has explained why those people were let go.

Even More Bad Faith from @RonWyden on Copyright Small Claims Legislation
By Chris Castle (Artist Rights Watch) -- Senator Ron Wyden is up to his old tricks–he’s got a secret hold on the CASE Act and is taking his usual ridiculous positions just to see if he can get away with it. … Why would Senator Wyden care about the CASE Act?  Because Google does.

We’re Living in a Subscriptions World. Here’s How to Navigate It.
By Brian X. Chen) NY Times) --Subscription services like Netflix and Google Drive are convenient, but we can lose control of our content and data. Here’s how to take it back.

41 Women Who Should Be In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
By Ann Powers (NPR)

For those who revere the talents of songwriters like Berlin, Rodgers, Porter, Kern, Gershwin, et al, you’ll enjoy this story. For those with only a passing recognition of these names, this is a must read.]
The Pleasure and Pain of Being Cole Porter
By Adam Gopnik (The New Yorker) -- Almost inhumanly prolific, the songwriter produced a new kind of American lyric—and language. [PS: Porter, like Berlin, wrote both words and music.]

Just How Important Is Melody in Hip-Hop Music?
By Charles Burchell (flypaper)

The Car Cassette Adapter: A Legend of Technology
By Christopher McFadden (/ -- The car cassette adapter is one of the most underrated pieces of technology ever devised. The technology was first patented in 1988 and was initially envisaged for use with portable CD players, but they also happened to be great for later portable audio devices like MP3 players, minidisc players, etc. But they also had some very interesting additional uses. Many providing some of the features of modern in-car systems that wouldn't become standard for decades.

Rock 'n' Roll May Be Dying, but Dad Metal Is Doing Great
By Jelisa Castrodale (Noisy) -- Haters beware—the heaviest bands in your dad's 6-CD changer are thriving more than anyone else, somehow.

Petersen Automotive Museum Will Feature 10 Custom Cars from James Hetfield’s Collection
By Ashley King (Digital Music News) -- The Metallica frontman is a lifelong car enthusiast and says his collection is a form of expression.

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